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Pride in your actions will always stand out and be noticed. The same goes for those with a lack of pride.... #comptonfire #firefighters #fireengine #firedepartment #pride #hardwork #pierce #firehose #hosebed #attentiontodetail #ownership #weekend #fitness #saturday #fireservice ... See MoreSee Less

Pride in your actions will always stand out and be noticed. The same goes for those with a lack of pride.... #comptonfire #firefighters #fireengine #firedepartment #pride #hardwork #pierce #firehose #hosebed #attentiontodetail #ownership #weekend #fitness #saturday #fireservice


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And don’t neglect the coups also!

Sebastien Jutras PierLuc Labrecque Comme notre 325 sa !

Looking good brothers!!!

If it looks pretty, it pulls pretty, and it operates pretty. Good work!

That’s some good looking vacuumed hose

Thank You Firefighter, Peacemaker, One and All, Near and Far, Now and Forever | #ThankYou | Sharon and Blake

Roberto, that’s clean!

I would not be alive today if it were not for our Compton Firefighters and Paramedics who pumped oxygen into my body when my lungs collapsed.

Love Our Firefighters!!!

Awesome just a question to anybody on this I'm on only one that seems to not know how to go through the process of becoming a Compton firefighter it's like it doesn't exist really it's just LA City exam every two years or LA County exam which is still today not dated just keep giving seminars what's the same information they don't know yet grew up in Compton on my life right down the street from Compton Firehouse headquarters 28 now still don't know how to get in

Inspection Load Nice Work


I’d like to Thank All The Firefighters Who put themselves in the Face of Danger every Day I like to Thank them and their Families for them Facing this Daily. May God Bless All of You. 🇺🇸🙏🏾

That is impressive

Is that 28’s hose bed?

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2 weeks ago

Compton Firefighters

Not even the best swimmer has the strength and stamina to self-rescue and survive in fast moving water. When it comes to local storm drains & flood control channels: #StayAwayStayAlive - and if you see someone in distress, do not attempt a rescue. Instead call 9-1-1 promptly! ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Compton Firefighters

Rest In Peace.Engineer Steve Casados of Cal Fire Riverside County passed away of job related cancer. Our condolences to his family and friends. CAL FIRE Riverside L2881 CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department #OCFA #OCFirefighters ... See MoreSee Less

Rest In Peace.


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RIP engineer Casados. Prayers for ur family

Prayers for his family and friends. Thank you for your service.


RIP Hero 🇺🇸

May his soul rest in peace he was gallant fire and rescue services

Rest in Peace & Thanks for your Service...


Prayers for his family

May his memory be for a blessing

RIP Brother

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