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July 2019
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Just another night with Compton Fire Department. #comptonfire #fire #firefighter #paramedic #emergency #housefire #bunkergear #fitness #flames ... See MoreSee Less


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Cert lafd will roll to the imcident

Where was this?? Are they just watching ?

It’s a conflagration!


There is nothing better than rescuing crying kittens that became trapped inside a storm drain. Good work! #comptonfire #kittens #rescue #firefighter #paramedic #cats #kittenrescue #firetruck ... See MoreSee Less


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May they have a loving home shortly.

Thank You 👏👏👏😻😻😻🚔

Love this♡ thank you !

You guys are THEE BEST!!!!!!!

Awe, my Uncle Jav would be proud! And then he’d bring them home, lol. Good job, guys! ❤️




Best job in the world!!!!👊🏽


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Congratulations to the newly promoted fire engineers! #fireengineer #promotion #peircefiretrucks ... See MoreSee Less

Congratulations to the newly promoted fire engineers! #fireengineer #promotion #peircefiretrucks


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Congrats Brothers, well deserved!!

Congratulations 🙌🎉🚒

Congratulations Gentlemen!!

Congrats to some good men! We will miss your faces in the ER!

Congratulations BEST slot on the job!!!

Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈

Congratulations my Brothers!!!!

Congrats brothers 🚒🇺🇸



Congratulations - I said this last night at the council meeting, but will repeat it here. I would not be alive and breathing today if it were not for our Compton Firefighters and Paramedics. A few years ago my lung collapsed and I called 911. Compton Firefighters responded and the only thing that kept me alive was a paramedic forcing oxygen into my body while I was in an ambulance headed to the hospital. Our Compton Fire Department is the best part of City of Compton. Thank you for saving my life.

Congrats gentlemen

Congrats guys wish you the best


Moving on up. Congrats

Way to go Engineer Lujan.


Congrats on your hard work.

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Your Compton firefighters performing hose evolutions and advancement during a wet drill. #compton #comptonfire #bunkergear #firefighter #paramedic #firehose #training #weekend #fitness ... See MoreSee Less


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One of the best places to train is a vacant parking structure. Flow all the water you need to simulate various situations.

Your #ComptonFirefighters shortly after knock down of fully involved van fire, with fire extension to an adjacent structure. #Compton #FireDepartment #Firefighter #Paramedic #Smoke #Fire #SmokeShowing #FireShowing #FireEngine #FireTruck #FireAttack #TruckCompanyOperations #EngineCompanyOperations #HubCity #CityOfCompton ... See MoreSee Less


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